Webb has over 1200 skilled scientists, engineers and technicians from 14 countries (and more than 27 US states) building it. (It is a joint NASA/ESA/CSA mission.) Assembly and testing of the mirror and instruments occurred at NASA Goddard.



Some of the James Webb Space Telescope team are shown here in front of the Webb full-scale model at the Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland. See the links in the left navigation bar for more details.

Webb team

Project Managers

Project Manager - Bill Ochs
Deputy Project Manager - John Durning
Deputy Project Manager/Technical - Paul Geithner
Mission I&T Manager - Jimmy Marsh
Deputy Project Manager/Resources - Richard Ryan
Business Manager - Robyn O'Mara
Mission Systems Engineer - Mike Menzel

Project Scientists

Senior Project Scientist - John Mather
Deputy Senior Project Scientist - Jonathan Gardner
Deputy Senior Project Scientist/Technical - Malcolm Niedner

Deputy Project Scientist for Communications - Amber Straughn
Deputy Project Scientist for Planetary Science - Stefanie Milam
Deputy Project Scientist for Exoplanet Science - Knicole Colón

Observatory Project Scientist - Michael McElwain
Deputy Observatory Project Scientist - Charles Bowers
Deputy Observatory Project Scientist - Erin Smith

ISIM Project Scientist - Matthew Greenhouse
Deputy ISIM Project Scientist - Bernard Rauscher

Operations Project Scientist - Jane Rigby
Deputy Operations Project Scientist - Susan Neff

Project Scientist for Integration, Test, & Commissioning - Randy Kimble